Edgy Reaction to Lady GaGa’s Newest Video

lady gaga the edge of glory

The minute ‘The Edge of Glory’ video aired on SYTYCD there was an uproar. First of all, they cut the video short. Not very long after, GaGa’s site launched it in collaboration with Vevo. And then even more uproar occurred. It is currently hailed as “boring.”

I know I’m taking the bullet for saying this but I actually liked it. Okay, it was not nearly what I expected. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad thing. It was just very, VERY mellow. And by mellow I mean nothing exciting happens in the video. And while, yes, her dancing was about equivalent to Britney Spears’ current standards because the choreography was simple, the fact is that the focus was the music, not the spectacle.

My opinion, though, seems not in accordance to the majority. It will probably forever hold the title as GaGa’s lamest video. Really, that’s not fair because the videos for ‘LoveGame’ and ‘Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)’ are, in my opinion, also pretty lame and much less artistically relevant.

‘The Edge of Glory’ is a nice contrast to GaGa’s overwhelmingly fanciful daily wardrobe and her larger than life presence everywhere she goes. It shows a different side to her. She actually can just be an everyday person that wants to keep “hangin’ on a moment with you.”

To sum it up: I was, along with all the other Little Monsters, definitely hangin’ on a moment but that moment never came. There were no crazy explosions, nor American flag toting, leather-wearing dominatrix back-up dancers. It was just her and Clarence Clemons of the E Street Band chillin’ out on the side of a brick building.

Lady GaGa, you have brain ninja-ed me once again. That was something completely different.

Watch the video here, then vote on the poll below:

Lady GaGa on SNL: Wine Bottle, Mayan Queen, or S&M Pregger?

This will be a brief little post. I just want to point out that even as a little mons†er, GaGa‘s SNL season 36 finale moments had me wondering just how far she could push the envelope.

I think the Liquorville skit was hilarious enough with Kristen Wiig and Justin Timberlake but when GaGa joined the scene dressed as a wine cellar with a cork for a hat I think all bets were off.

I think that pairing “The Edge of Glory” [ballad style] with “Judas” [a la SNL rock ‘n’ roll guitar] was an odd but well-played decision. Does anybody else see a resemblance between the set and costumes to the Mayans and their gold temples? Is she alluding to the fact we avoided the 2011 Rapture only to wait for the 2012 one?

And of course who can forget the “Golden Rule?” I think the highlight of this skit is when GaGa says somewhat dismayed, “You guys are still here…” while munching on cereal, however, the fact that at some point during this music video she dresses as Chrissy (Suzanne Summers) from Three’s Company is a close second.

And here’s the kicker. This is when even I got a little weirded out. To be fair, the S&M prego-suit is odd enough but somewhat expected by now. It was the stirrups and glitter goop that turned this performance from over-the-top to WTF? I’m not even offended, honestly. There are no words for this, just a few emoticons which I shall now display: o.O? and @_@;

Mo†her Mons†er, I really do love you but, really? Can you lay off the whiskey when you plan your shows? And if you can’t keep your paws off the Jameson bottle can you at least share it with me?

Lady GaGa’s “Judas” Leaks

Well folks, Lady GaGa’s “Judas” has finally stormed out of the Gates of Hell and it’s wreaking all sorts of mayhem. It’s got everybody buzzed, bothered, hot, and heavy for the Born This Way album to drop on May 23rd. She’s already getting heat for the Biblical references she makes in the song and music video. I find it petty to dismiss something that hasn’t even been officially released (let alone viewed). And it’s amusing that people still find it shockingly offensive. How many years ago did Madonna offend the Church? Ozzy and Marilyn Manson ring a bell either? This isn’t a new concept folks, get over it.

In a nutshell: You can feel however you want about the lyrics or MV’s plot as being blasphemous, but you cannot deny that this was the single everybody expected in “Born This Way.” It’s much more fun. The verses and bridge play out in a Jamaican beat and it throws you into a J-Pop/Rock chorus with “I’m just a holy fool, oh baby, he’s so cruel but I’m still in love with Judas, baby” (x2) and works into “Woah-oh-oh-oh I’m in love with Judah-ah-as” (x2).

Note: If you like what you hear, please support the artist. Go and buy the track when it’s released officially.

Madison Square GaGa: The Monster Ball in NYC

You could have guessed it was Halloween arriving at Madison Square Garden by the way everybody was dressed, even if it was February 21st. Costumes ranged from things as simple as diet coke cans curled in hair with glitter bras and panties to full-on “Telephone” prison suits, 10-inch heels and claw nails. These Little Monsters meant business.

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The 53rd Grammys

I watched the Grammy Awards at my friend Kristen’s house. It was definitely fun watching all the outlandish set designs, costumes, and choreography. It was entertaining as usual.

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Baby, I Was Born This Way!: Lady GaGa Releases New Single Early

Okay, Lady GaGa’s new song “Born This Way” is RIDICULOUSLY 80s! Which means I’m automatically in love with it. No, but really. It’s damn good. And it’s definitely a radio/club boomer. You’ll probably hear it so often you’ll wish you weren’t born at all.

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Fetishism and Music: We like it, like it come on!

Do any of you remember a little video by the name of “Erotica” by a certain someone known as Madonna? It sparked plenty of controversy when it came out. The final result looked like Andy Warhol took poorly filmed “Skin”-emax clips and taped them together for a side project. It’s iconic probably more for pushing boundaries than anything. Funny, it seems fairly tame now.
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Literally Speaking

I think we can all agree that the use of the double entendre is dead. The music we hear today is pretty straight-forward in its intention. You can argue that it’s the death of lyrical/ literary art all you want- and in some cases you’re probably right (yes, Katy Perry we’re looking at you and your “peacock”)- but what if we view this in a positive light? No, really, I’m serious. Take for example GaGa’s new single ‘Born This Way’ to be released on February 13th. Before you roll your eyes and exclaim, “Oh my Gawd she’s SO overrated!” take a few seconds to read through the lyrics. It’s one of the few instances I’ve actually read lyrics and thought, “Wow. This isn’t bullsh!t. This is plainly telling people to accept others or ef off.” since Michael Jackson’s “Black Or White.” Not even the most popular self-confidence anthems as of late are that blunt. And so, without further ado, the lyrics courtesy of Lady Gaga: News.

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GaGa Gets Grungier: New Track Alert!

Lady GaGa released a remix of a track from Born This Way for Thierry Mugler‘s Men’s 2011 fashion show in Paris, courtesy of Nicola Formichetti. It’s titled “Scheiße” and it seems as if a majority of the song is in German. In case you’re unaware the title translates to “Shit” in English. This remix is not the version she will release on her album, which drops on May 23rd. It’s missing the chorus- just enough to keep us in suspense without ruining the surprise.  Listen here. They also created a video for it, which you can view here. Enjoy!

If you want to take a look at Mugler’s Menswear Fall/Winter 2011 collection:

FrankMusik’s Long Awaited Return

I’m guessing you’ve figured out by the title of this blog that I’m an avid synth/dance music fan. That being said I want to draw light on an artist I believe has been very underrated. His name is Vincent Frank and he goes by the stage-name of Frankmusik. I came across Complete Me last year and I found the pivotal tracks, “Better Off As 2,” “Confusion Girl (Shame, Shame, Shame)” and “3 Little Words” quite catchy and lighthearted.

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