Madison Square GaGa: The Monster Ball in NYC

You could have guessed it was Halloween arriving at Madison Square Garden by the way everybody was dressed, even if it was February 21st. Costumes ranged from things as simple as diet coke cans curled in hair with glitter bras and panties to full-on “Telephone” prison suits, 10-inch heels and claw nails. These Little Monsters meant business.

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HIAM Music Video: Britney Spears Sex Riot?

Britney Spears aired her highly anticipated music video for “Hold It Against Me” on MTV ( I know! Shocker! MTV sometimes still plays videos) at 9:55 PM last night. When Britney premieres a new video it’s usually a big deal. She has fantastic taste in music video directors and choreographers. For her “Hold It Against Me” endeavor she chose director Jonas Åkerlund and choreographer Brian Friedman.

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The 53rd Grammys

I watched the Grammy Awards at my friend Kristen’s house. It was definitely fun watching all the outlandish set designs, costumes, and choreography. It was entertaining as usual.

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Baby, I Was Born This Way!: Lady GaGa Releases New Single Early

Okay, Lady GaGa’s new song “Born This Way” is RIDICULOUSLY 80s! Which means I’m automatically in love with it. No, but really. It’s damn good. And it’s definitely a radio/club boomer. You’ll probably hear it so often you’ll wish you weren’t born at all.

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I had done a post a few months back about the under-appreciated music in 2010. I’ve decided that I’m going to make it a regular thing to post current obsessions. Sharing music interests is a great way not only to promote the artists but to widen your own musical tastes.

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Robyn at Radio City

"This is Hardcore"

I picked up this nifty tee before the show started. Totally worth it.

Gregarious Swedish pop artist Robyn definitely was not dancing on her own at Radio City on Saturday, February 5th. In fact, she was dancing with a sold out venue.

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Oh, Say Can You Sing…

Okay, we all know that Christina “Still Dirrty” Aguilera f-ed up the national anthem at Superbowl XLV. She got carried away with her egotistical, over-styled rendition. She messed up the line, “What so proudly we hailed” and completely forgot “O’er the ramparts we watched.” Let’s just get all the criticisms and laughs out-of-the-way and move on. We get it, she’s currently Christina “Ack!-you-FAILED-uh…” but she isn’t perfect. None of us are. I hope this will teach her exactly that lesson. You can’t disappear from your career for several years, return with a GaGa-esque “comeback” album, cancel an entire tour, and still be a diva. She has a fantastic voice and will forever be known for that. And I will still like her and her music. But she really needs to get with the program.

Re-watch her flub here:

Fetishism and Music: We like it, like it come on!

Do any of you remember a little video by the name of “Erotica” by a certain someone known as Madonna? It sparked plenty of controversy when it came out. The final result looked like Andy Warhol took poorly filmed “Skin”-emax clips and taped them together for a side project. It’s iconic probably more for pushing boundaries than anything. Funny, it seems fairly tame now.
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Literally Speaking

I think we can all agree that the use of the double entendre is dead. The music we hear today is pretty straight-forward in its intention. You can argue that it’s the death of lyrical/ literary art all you want- and in some cases you’re probably right (yes, Katy Perry we’re looking at you and your “peacock”)- but what if we view this in a positive light? No, really, I’m serious. Take for example GaGa’s new single ‘Born This Way’ to be released on February 13th. Before you roll your eyes and exclaim, “Oh my Gawd she’s SO overrated!” take a few seconds to read through the lyrics. It’s one of the few instances I’ve actually read lyrics and thought, “Wow. This isn’t bullsh!t. This is plainly telling people to accept others or ef off.” since Michael Jackson’s “Black Or White.” Not even the most popular self-confidence anthems as of late are that blunt. And so, without further ado, the lyrics courtesy of Lady Gaga: News.

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When I was your age…

…I listened to Utada Hikaru. Yep. J-Pop/Hip Hop. Sue me. Sure, I had my share of typical American music (I’m non-discriminatory, ya know). I do find it odd though that Utada hasn’t really had her breakthrough in America yet. She hails from Manhattan. She’s bilingual. She has two fantastic English-language albums and three top-selling Japanese albums. She’s also sold over 52 million albums worldwide. WORLDWIDE. Meaning the world. But somehow the U.S. is slow catching on. You might still know her as “that girl who sang the theme songs for the Kingdom Hearts game series?” Did I mention that she has a fantastic voice… and she’s gorgeous?

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