Lady GaGa on SNL: Wine Bottle, Mayan Queen, or S&M Pregger?

This will be a brief little post. I just want to point out that even as a little mons†er, GaGa‘s SNL season 36 finale moments had me wondering just how far she could push the envelope.

I think the Liquorville skit was hilarious enough with Kristen Wiig and Justin Timberlake but when GaGa joined the scene dressed as a wine cellar with a cork for a hat I think all bets were off.

I think that pairing “The Edge of Glory” [ballad style] with “Judas” [a la SNL rock ‘n’ roll guitar] was an odd but well-played decision. Does anybody else see a resemblance between the set and costumes to the Mayans and their gold temples? Is she alluding to the fact we avoided the 2011 Rapture only to wait for the 2012 one?

And of course who can forget the “Golden Rule?” I think the highlight of this skit is when GaGa says somewhat dismayed, “You guys are still here…” while munching on cereal, however, the fact that at some point during this music video she dresses as Chrissy (Suzanne Summers) from Three’s Company is a close second.

And here’s the kicker. This is when even I got a little weirded out. To be fair, the S&M prego-suit is odd enough but somewhat expected by now. It was the stirrups and glitter goop that turned this performance from over-the-top to WTF? I’m not even offended, honestly. There are no words for this, just a few emoticons which I shall now display: o.O? and @_@;

Mo†her Mons†er, I really do love you but, really? Can you lay off the whiskey when you plan your shows? And if you can’t keep your paws off the Jameson bottle can you at least share it with me?

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