Baby, I Was Born This Way!: Lady GaGa Releases New Single Early

Okay, Lady GaGa’s new song “Born This Way” is RIDICULOUSLY 80s! Which means I’m automatically in love with it. No, but really. It’s damn good. And it’s definitely a radio/club boomer. You’ll probably hear it so often you’ll wish you weren’t born at all.

The song itself takes a while to get used to but it does feature GaGa’s typical aesthetics, for example, the stuttering synth beats. It’s definitely more like “Dance in the Dark” than “Bad Romance.” That also means, however, that it’s not as unique as “Bad Romance.” Nonetheless, it’s definitely still memorable.

Everyone’s caught in the idea that it’s some sort of replica of Madonna’s “Express Yourself.” Sure, subject material is a give away. And the drums bear some basic resemblances. In terms of structure and instrumentation, though, it’s not really that *incredibly* similar. I hear it only slightly. I would say at most it’s the chord progression.

It’s nice to see that GaGa is experimenting with her style, though. She’s definitely as free as she claims in her song because she didn’t decide to play it safe. Her biggest hits have all been about heartbreak, tormented love and fear. She took a chance with making this song so sugary sweet that it’s almost diabetic.

All-in-all I give the song a score of A-.

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